Telephone Bill & the Smooth Operators



7 inch discs on the Weekend label (DJM subsidiary)


Manhattan Roll (DJS 10785 A side)

You Got To Believe (DJS 10785 B side)

Blue For You (DJS 10808 A side)

Silhouettes (DJS 10808 B side)

Cruisin' (DJS 10858 A side)

Pinball Wizard (DJS 10858 B side)


the EP (Front Cover)

the EP (Rear cover)

the EP (A side with "Wanna See Your Telephone Bill"

and "Pioneering")

the EP (B side with "Hollywood (You Kiss While You're Dancing)"

and "If I Had My Way")


12 inch Long Play discs



By the time that their first album (on Swamp records, WAM 679B) was released in 1979 Robb Appleton had left the band to be replaced by Steve Reynolds who had been in Temporary Ferret with Nick several years earlier. Morris Windsor (a member of the Soft Boys and later Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians) played drums on some tracks. Drums on other tracks are credited to George Jackson Junior (I don't know who he was, perhaps associated with Swamp records of Hereford, or maybe even a pseudonym for one of the band members. Anne had played drums in a Philadelphia all girl rock group.)


Line up for this album was: Nick, Anne, Gerry, Andy Metcalfe (see note below "Manhattan Roll") and Richard Lee on double bass (he was with the Bowles Brothers) plus Steve Brookes (of Baby Whale fame) was on percussion. The recording was done at Spaceward, Cambridge and was released on Smooth Records ("The World's 2nd Most Important Record Company" according to the sleeve notes; I wonder which was the most important?) with number DIAL 100. The back cover photography and collage was by Rosalind Kunath who was married to Robyn Hitchcock.


Notes: Andy Metcalfe was a member of TB&SO between being in Robyn Hitchcock's Soft Boys and rejoining Robyn as one of the Egyptians

Tony Shepherd is better known as one half of The Bible.

The joint Producer, Ted Hayton, was the band's sound engineer for most of the band's existence before joining Studio Audio & Video (makers of the SADiE digital audio workstation) and is now managing director of The Warp Corporation.


This is the new CD from Kissing Spell Records (KSCD 926). Three tracks from "...pretty slick, huh?", seven tracks from "Lounge Music" and six tracks from "Manhattan Roll". Nothing from Weekend Records or any out-takes or non-released recordings but we can hope for future CD releases.